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Pueraria Mirifica Extract


Pueraria Mirifica Extract

For years, Pueraria Mirifica extract was Thailand’s greatest secret as the people who lived there used this potent herb for its health-enhancing properties. While the herb is most known for being able to promote breast enhancement, the unique formula also provides additional benefits that have led it to be called the true fountain of youth.
We have up to 4 types of Pueraria Mirifica raw materials for export:

  1. 100% Pueraria Mirifica Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade) for manufacturing process.
  2. Pueraria Mirifica Powder Mixed with Thai Traditional Herbs (Premium Grade) which is ready mixed with our formula and can be put into a gelatin capsule readily.
  3. Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration) for the external use products such as creams, serum and gel type products.
  4. Pueraria Mirifica Sliced Sheet (Premium Grade) for further production.

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[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are the only company that has the right farm land, biotechnology, upgrading standards, quality control and unique extract technologies. These qualifications could be never achieved by any other suppliers because we have started this ever since from the beginning.
Knowing that the benefits of using Pueraria Mirifica extract were too great to be kept within the borders of Thailand, our company chose to begin cultivating the herbal ingredients using farming practices that preserve the essential compounds that make it so potent. Today, we have become the most trusted and prolific herbal company of Thailand and this designation only comes from our unique farming and production processes that allow consumers to purchase our Pueraria Mirifica extract with confidence that they will always be satisfied with our products.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Our Farm Lands

Our company’s dedication to creating an all-natural and effective product for promoting bigger breasts and overall rejuvenation led us to the understanding that we must only grow the herbs used to make Pueraria Mirifica extract on rich farm lands that are void of any dangerous substances. We have invested in cultivated only high-quality plants that are grown in nutrient-dense soil so that each plant reaches are stringent standards for quality. Every day, we conduct soil testing to ensure that proper growth of the plants occurs before they are even seeded. Then, we continue with ongoing testing to make sure that our cultivation methods continue to be effective. Growing our Pueraria Mirifica extract sources in their native environment allows each plant to complete its full growth cycle for maximum potency.

Our standardize scientific test on Pueraria Mirifica Extract:

Although the native people of Thailand relied upon the plant as it grew, our company understands the importance of consistency. For this reason, we developed a standardized testing system that allows us to prove that our farm land is safe and the most suitable location for growing Pueraria Mirifica extract. These tests allow us to identify each source of the plants along with performing checks for things such as pesticides and heavy metals that must be kept out of our products. Since we prioritize our customer’s safety and satisfaction, any negative reports are addressed immediately. However, our unique use of biotechnology and proper farming practices has rendered significant changes unnecessary. In fact, our company still relies on the majority of our growing practices for turning out pure Pueraria Mirifica extract in its raw form that delivers the full spectrum of potency without potentially harmful contaminants.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Identification Certificate

Our identification certificate provides critical information regarding our analysis and lab reports. From this certificate, our customers can find out essential information about our company such as the name, address and contact information that they may require when purchasing Pueraria Mirifica extract. Although you will always receive this type of information at the point of purchase, it helps you to know that you can trust that we are forthcoming regarding every part of our farming, manufacturing and distributing process. We furnish this identification information with the purpose of fostering trust within every person who chooses to use Pueraria Mirifica extract for its health-boosting properties. The certificate goes on to list other pertinent information such as the packaging type and typical serving amount.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Micro Organism Certificate

Following the identification information, you will find some general data that is gleaned from our testing results. For example, contaminants such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus were not detected during our laboratory testing. It is our hope that this gives you the consumer even more confidence that every purchase of Pueraria Mirifica extract is free of potential toxins to your body. Although yeast and mold were detected during our testing, these fell within normal amounts that are associated with natural farming practices since mold spores and yeast exists within most types of soil. However, the levels that were detected in Pueraria Mirifica extract during our testing are safe for use by humans and considered negligible by scientific standards.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Pesticide Test Reports

Our dedication to natural farming practices allows us to keep pesticidal residue in Pueraria Mirfica extract to a minimum. We know that chemicals such as DDT and Aldrin can have toxic effects on the human body, and they have further consequences for the environment. As you can see on our pesticide test reports, all of the potential chemicals that pose a hazard for human and animal health are found to be at minimal levels. By keeping pesticides out of our products, you can feel safe using Pueraria Mirifica for long-term needs such as breast enhancement.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Heavy Metal Test Reports

Heavy metals can have toxic effects when they are taken into your body in large amounts. For this reason, we have included testing for heavy metals in our quality control procedures that double check to ensure that your order of Pueraria Mirifica conforms to our standards. Arsenic is one type of metal that people should always find concerning in their products. Although arsenic is found naturally within soil, our farming practices have made it possible to keep the levels of this dangerous toxic metal below 1.0 ppm. We also test for cadmium, copper and lead, and all of these have stayed within the accepted levels for products designed for human consumption since 1995. Although our test results continue to prove that our Pueraria Mirifica extract is safe, we continue to check for heavy metals in the product on a daily basis.

These testing proofs are to show our concerns for every single customer that uses our products and the quality of our products.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Biotechnology Standards

Scientifically-based farming practices are only one of the many ways that we ensure that you receive quality Pueraria Mirifica extract. We also implemented cutting edge biotechnology standards from the very beginning that revolutionized how we grow and cultivate the plants. Our scientific research team understood the importance of the compounds within the plant. For this reason, we implemented biotechnology standards that allowed us to find the species of plants that hold the most miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol in each root for us to use in our Pueraria Mirifica extact. Since the plants tend to look very similar on the outside, we use HPLC testing to determine how much of each one of these critical compounds exist within each species that we tested. Once our biotechnological testing came back, we were then able to use this information to cultivate only high potency plants that came from the species that we identified as being the best for giving our Pueraria Mirifica extract the strongest levels of phytoestrogens needed to impact tissue growth and renewal.

Our Pueraria Mirifica Extract testing results:

While we know that our testing demonstrates the safety of Pueraria Mirifica products, we also know that every woman and man who uses it should have all of the information at their fingertips to make the right decisions for their health. Our testing demonstrates that the plants that we use in Pueraria Mirifica extract have the proper compounds such as miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol to stimulate breast, skin and hair growth while providing additional benefits to women such as an increased libido and a more vibrant energy level. Our testing results also show other information that you will find useful as you shop for Pueraria Mirifica extract like nutritional counts such as the calories in each serving, which is negligible. We believe that putting all of the information out there is the only way to build trusting relationships within the natural health community that influences better farming and cultivation practices that impact everything from the environment to the results you receive from using Pueraria Mirifica extract.

The key to anti-aging, refreshing skin, breast enhancement and health to all women is dependent on miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol & estradiol inside Pueraria Mirifica.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract : Upgrading Standards, Quality Control and Lab Tests to Every Single Product.

Every single one of our Pueraria Mirifica extract products is held to the strictest standards. This means that we make it a point to upgrade standards as necessary to ensure that the Pueraria Mirifica extract is always potent and safe to use. We have a quality control team that carefully examines all of the results gained from our laboratory testing to determine if and when changes need to be made in our farming and harvesting practices. This helps to ensure that factors within the environment do not have a negative impact upon the potency and effectiveness of any of our Pueraria Mirifica extract. When you purchase our Pueraria Mirifica extract, you can trust that our test results are always available for your viewing along with certificates that we have gained from by seeking approval from various food, cosmetics and drug associations throughout the world.
The combination of scientific knowledge and traditional farming practices allows us to continuously deliver consistent Pueraria Mirifica extract with the phytoestrogenic qualities that make noticeable changes in a person’s health and appearance. While other products may exist out there that claim to be capable of producing changes, ours is always backed by scientific testing that demonstrates the potency and safety of each product that we make available.

The phyto-estrogen testing results are:

We made vast efforts in proving ourselves by getting approval from world known food, drug and cosmetics associations throughout the world to gain trusts from our valuable consumers.

The certificates that our company received:

We also keep the laboratory tests on every Pueraria Mirifica product to let all the importers feel secure in all of our products.

The laboratory tests we hold are:


Extra Information

We have other extra information that can give a better understanding of Pueraria Mirifica, you can click the link here: https://www.stherb.com/products.html to see more information of our finished products. All of the information there will help you understand the benefits of our products better.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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