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Butea Superba

Butea Superba

Did you know that the Butea Superba plant can potentially help reduce fatigue, increase libido, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy heart? This wonder herb has been around for centuries, but we are only recently rediscovering its many benefits.

Butea Superba: What is it?

Butea Superba is a plant that is native to Thailand, Vietnam and India. It grows as thick, crawling vines that wrap around tree trunks, and the tuberous roots are typically harvested for tinctures and supplements.

Butea Superba may also be referred to as:

– Red kwao Krua
– Creeping Butea
– Butea Gum Tree
– Flame of the Forest
– Climbing Palas
It is important not to confuse Butea Superba with the visually similar Pueraria Mirifica, commonly called White Kwao Krua. Even though they are named similarly and look alike, Pueraria Mirifica has completely opposite effects on the body, particularly in men.

Butea Superba: The Benefit Beyond Borders 

Butea Superba has been used in traditional Thai medicine practices for many years to aid in a myriad of health problems. The herb is generally best-known for its reported aphrodisiac effects and its impact on male sexual vigor.
In general, Butea Superba is utilized by men because of its high concentration of a substance known as “Phytoandrogens.” These Phytoandrogens have the ability to mimic male hormones, which is why Butea Superba is believed to give men a boost in areas such as enhanced muscle tone, vigor, vitality, faster recovery times and enhanced sexual performance. It is also traditionally used to help men of all ages deal with erectile dysfunction.
Women may also enjoy some of the benefits of this herb for certain health issues, but it does not aid in any kind of sexual rejuvenation or enhancement for women.

Butea Superba: Solving the Aging Problem

As our knowledge of medicine and the world around us has progressed, we have begun to live far longer than any of our ancestors could have dreamed of. With this increased lifespan comes a myriad of potential health issues.

Butea Superba is currently being studied by scientists for its ability to potentially fight the following diseases:

– Osteoporosis
– Arthritis
– Inflammatory conditions like gout and hemorrhoids
– Cancer
– High cholesterol
In addition to all of these anti-aging benefits, Butea Superba is also able to specifically treat signs of aging in men, such as low energy, erectile dysfunction and a poor sex drive.
When taking Butea Superba regularly, it can increase a substance called DHT in the body, which is hormone that is important for boosting testosterone production. Increased testosterone is what gives men the virile, energetic stamina they enjoyed in their youth.

Butea Superba: Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of Butea Superba is important to understand because this is where its effectiveness as a medicinal treatment lies. Below is a list of the major chemical components of this herb. More information about each component can be found below the list.

Butea Superba consists of:

– Butesuperin A and B
– Formononetin
– Prunetin
– Medicarpin
– Daidzein, Genistein and Coumestrol
– Procyanidin B2 and B5
– 3,7,3′ Trihydroxy-4′-methoxyflavone

1. Butesuperin A and B

The compounds Butesuperin A and B are a part of a group of compounds called flavonoids. These compounds are good for your body due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

2. Formononetin

Formononetin is found naturally in many plants, especially legumes such as soy beans and lima beans. This substance is known to promote a biological process called angiogenesis, which is the formation of new, healthy blood vessels from existing ones.
The process of angiogenesis is utilized by healthcare professionals already to help fight diseases and prolong the lives of patients.

3. Prunetin

Prunetin is an Isoflavone that has been identified as a way to help improve general gut health and regulate the body’s immune system and stress response.
Studies have shown that it can improve the strength of the intestinal barrier, which in turn increases overall feelings of health and wellness.

4. Medicarpin

This is a molecule that has the potential to aid in promoting bone health.

5. Daidzein, Genistein and Coumestrol

This trio of substances can all be classified as soy Isoflavones. These all have the ability to possibly benefit bone density and heart health.

6. Procyanadin B2 and B5

Procyanadins B2 and B5 are not related in any way to the B vitamin compounds. Rather, these substances are flavonoids that have both been reported to aid in hair growth.
Procyanadin B2 is found in apples and promotes the growth of hair follicle cells. It lengthens the amount of time in your hair’s natural growth cycle and also shortens the “resting” period where hair does not grow.
Procyanadin B5 can be found in grape seeds, cacao, certain apples and black chokeberries. It has been identified as an extremely potent antioxidant and a possible anti-carcinogenic. This means that it has potential to fight cancer.
7. 3,7,3′ Trihydroxy-4′-methoxyflavone
This complex-sounding chemical is also sometimes referred to as Diosmetin. It is also an important flavonoid that is derived from the peels of many citrus fruits, including lemons and grapefruit.
Diosmetin is known for its purported anti-carcinogenic properties as well as its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Butea Superba: The Side Effects

As with any substance you ingest, there are potential side effects that come with adding Butea Superba to your daily regimen. The key to safely incorporating any new supplement into your diet is moderation and a slow introduction.
Women who are pregnant, attempting to conceive or breastfeeding should consult a healthcare professional before adding Butea Superba to their diets. Presently, there is no reliable way to ensure its safety for these women since it can alter hormone levels, so it is generally advised that pregnant women avoid it.

Additionally, it is possible for Butea Superba to disrupt the body’s normal production of androgens, and it also has the potential to react with other herbs and certain medications, including:

– Muira Puama
– Damiana
– Yohimbe
Currently, there is not enough information available from long-term studies on humans to know for certain what other side effects Butea Superba may induce, but it is generally considered safe in low doses, not over 1,000 mg per day. A medical professional can tell you whether or not adding Butea Superba to your healthcare regimen will be beneficial.

Butea Superba: Clinical Information

There is currently almost no clinical information that shows negative side effects associated with taking Butea Superba.
In fact, there have been clinical trials that demonstrate that this herb can help to treat erectile dysfunction, strengthen bones, and even stimulate the production of a substance called telomerase.
Telomerase is responsible for lengthening and protecting the body’s telomeres, which are the protective “caps” on DNA. Telomerase slows the aging process and contributes to a longer, healthier life by preventing the breakdown of cells that naturally occurs due to age.

Butea Superba: Official Researches

Many of the positive effects of Butea Superba have been reported by small numbers of people or observed in animal trials. While this isn’t to say that Butea Superba is ineffective, it is important to note that it may not have the same effects on everyone.

1. Effects on Acetylcholine Levels

One screening study of several Thai herbs showed that as little as 0.1 mg of Butea Superba was able to increase the amount of acetylcholine in the body.
Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for activating muscle movement and keeping muscles like the heart pumping smoothly. It is also an important component of healthy nerve function. In addition to all of this, acetylcholine affects the brain’s ability to repair itself and form new connections, which means it is important for memory and learning.

2. Sexual Vigor

Studies on rats show that Butea Superba is able to enhance penile erections, even in cases of diabetes when erectile functioning is often hindered. In addition, there is moderate anecdotal evidence that confirms that men who take Butea Superba experience higher libidos and enhanced erections.
One study even reported that men who took 100mg of Butea Superba up to two hours before sex experienced effects that were comparable to taking Viagra, but there have not been any studies that have replicated these findings.

3. Androgenic Effects

Androgenic activity refers to the male hormones testosterone and androsterone. When taken as an oral supplement, there is some evidence to suggest that Butea Superba temporarily increases testosterone levels in both male and female mice. Androgens are largely responsible for the male sex drive, which is another reason why Butea Superba is able to enhance sexual vigor and improve erectile functioning.
Human testing shows very limited success with increasing testosterone, but there have been reported cases where hair growth increased and DHT levels were significantly higher.

4. Estrogenic Effects

Estrogen is a female hormone that is present in both men and women. Men tend to have much lower levels of estrogen, similar to the way testosterone is present in females in low quantities.
Butea Superba contains certain compounds that are able to inhibit or promote estrogen production, depending on the cellular context.

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