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Premium Quality Herbal Essence

We have been established for more than ten years. Now, we are the #1 in planting and manufacturing premium Pueraria Mirifica in the world.

Controlled under the 5'G Concept plantation, releasing the premium type of enriched Phytoestrogen Pueraria Mirifica cultivars.

Made from natural herbs, Pueraria Mirifica, Butea Superba and eurycoma Longifolia, all of which are effective for rejuvenation.
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Effects of Long-term Treatment of Butea Superba on Sperm Motility and Concentration
Abstract Butea superba has been used to enhance sexual performance in men with unknown long-term effects on spermatozoa. This study aimed to investigate effects of chronic treatment of Butea superba on sperm motility and concentration in rats and mice in correlation with testicular damage. Adult male rats and mice were orally administered distilled water or Butea superba alcoholic extract... Read More »
Effects of Butea superba on reproductive systems of rats
Abstract The effects of Butea superba on the reproductive system in male Wistar rats were investigated. The animals were fed daily with the powdered crude drug suspended in distilled water by a gastric tube at the dose of 2, 25, 250 and 1250 mg/kg body weight for 8 weeks. Rats fed with 1 ml of distilled water were used as a negative control. The weights of all vital organs in all treated... Read More »
Antitumor activity of spinasterol isolated from Pueraria roots
Abstract We purified phytoestrogens from Pueraria root (Pueraria mirifica from Thailand and Pueraria lobata from Korea), which is used as a rejuvenating folk medicine in Thailand and China. Dried, powdered plant material was extracted with 100% ethanol and further separated by concentration, filtration, and thin layer silica gel chromatography. Using the fractions obtained during separation,... Read More »
Effects of Pueraria Mirifica on Vascular Function of Ovariectomized Rabbits
Estrogen stimulates endothelial nitric oxide (NO) production and attenuates endothelial dysfunc-tion in ischemia/repurfusion and menopause. Recent studies have shown that phytoestrogens from dietary sources improve endothelial function and reduce cardiovascular risks. The Thai medicinal plant Pueraria mirifica (PM) contains many potent phytoestrogens including miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol but... Read More »
Estrogen-like activities and cytotoxicity effects of Thai herbal medicines as natural ingredients in anti-ageing
The objective of the study was to search for the appropriate herbal extracts by comparative analysis of their estrogenic and cytotoxic activities. Some potentially estrogenic activity of herbal extracts  in the management of female disorder symptoms was investigated by E-screen assay. The extracts having a promising activity were further evaluated  in vitro  for their cytotoxic activity. Of 13... Read More »
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